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Aerial View of Flyover Bridges

Infrastructure Management

An intuitive pavement infrastructure management solution designed to remove complicated setup and hidden fees for a modern and sustainable infrastructure management. 




Flexibility & Scalability

What we offer

Public Works Departments are continually asked to do more with less; that is why we built AtlasView to be affordable and intuitive without cutting corners. 

Easy infrastructure asset management software allowing you to create color coded condition maps to manage your assets

Easy Asset

Upload or create assets with the ability to edit and download shapefiles. Atlasview also allows you to create an interactive color coded condition maps to manage your assets.

Executive dashboard with system wide statistics for data driven decisions making on infrastructure maintenance.

Dashboard for Decision Making 

Executive dashboard with system wide statistics​ including cost breakdown for repairs.  This enables data driven decision making. ​​

Smart pavement inspection management system.


Option to either bulk upload or create individual inspections.  In addition, an ​interactive inspection volume graph.

Flexible pavement treatment definitions and maintenance policies.

Customized Policy Setting 

Robust and flexible treatment definitions and  maintenance policies​.  Also, ​interactive color coded treatment maps.

Why AtlasView?

What our users are saying about AtlasView

Why AV
“We have incorporated AtlasView as part of a comprehensive solution to offer pavement administration plans in urban areas.  It is extremely intuitive, customizable and offers great insight”

Javier  Sánchez,

G2 Ingenieria

"The user-friendly and powerful features of AtlasView make it the best option for most municipal pavement management applications."

Nathan Kebede, ARRB Systems

“Having a visual display of our data is important to get a comprehensive picture of the street inventory. The map view allows us to approach asset management holistically so that we can be good stewards of taxpayer dollars.” 

Stephanie Graves,
Downers Grove Public Works

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Our pricing model is straight forward and includes initial setup, support and free access to upgrades.  There are no hidden fees! 


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